Please kindly take note that we only take in orders on the first three weeks of each month due to our busy schedules

Thursday, November 12, 2009 continues.

Dear customers,
so start ordering now ,via e-mail.

when ordering please include these details
item:paper bag
name(will be drawn on the item)
style:girlish,glittery and cute
address(if involve posting):no 15,glitter street 9,glitter lane,25000 glitter town,selangor,malaysia
others(for special request only):can you guys make me a bookmark?if you can,make it as cute as possible.and please insert my name

paper bag:RM 5.00
clear file:RM 3.00
others(special request):depends

contact: aisya and ami)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Temporary Closed

we're 15 and we decided to temporary stop taking order or making paper bag.
we have to prepare for our big exam this year and we can't juggle jobs and study.
but no worries,it's going to be temporary and we'll begin our business again this november. is now officially closed

p/s: sorry to all customer.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

rejected product on sale

rejected product are NOT damaged product
it's a product that our customers refuse to buy it even thought they've order it
it is safe to use but you cannot ask us to add more details on the product.

March 09:
Item: Custom Paper bag

(no personal details are drawn on the paper bag )

original price:$5.00
latest price:$4.00